CUSTOMER: 208233
DATE: End 2020
SKOPE OF WORK: Concept to Realization

Massive fire table block with bench and free view of the fire through a 3-sided fireplace. Under the massive fire table block, a black lacquered ventilation strip is integrated for the convective heat share.


Massive beautifully designed fireplace system serving as a room divider. The three U-shaped sight windows of the Spartherm ARTE 3RLH60 - 4s fireplace insert provide a free view of the blazing fire. The masonry was done with storable fireplace panels to ensure a sustainable heat release over a longer period of time. The black lacquered air strip in the base area and the adjustable ceiling air grille in the oven cover heat up the installation room with the convective heat share in no time.

The fire table block was realized with large-format ceramic tiles in your choice of glaze. For the glaze, there are many colors to choose from, and the tiles are up to 75 x 150 cm in size. The joint division depends on the individual ceramic selection and the available formats. The cover around the ceiling air grille was made with white matt glazed ceramic tiles. We were allowed to plan and carry out this project.


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DKOB, short for "Deine Kachelofenbauer", is the largest producer of tiled stoves and fireplaces in Austria. With years of experience in the field of modern tiled stoves and fireplaces, Deine Kachelofenbauer guarantee the best quality! Here you will find modern tiled stoves and fireplaces, as well as optically traditional designs. Every design has its justification. The huge product range includes: fireplaces, tiled stoves, combination stoves, stoves, outdoor kitchens, open fireplaces, garden grills, baking ovens up to whole-house heating, water-fired tiled stoves, combination stoves with additional heat exchangers, lift-up roasting kettles and boilers of all kinds. The expert team in the fireplace and tiled stove sector.


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